2016 Detroit Renaissance District Church Conference Forms and Agenda

2016 Detroit Renaissance District Church Conference (CC) Agenda

The Agenda for the Church Conference is:

  • OPENING PRAYER/Call to Ministry       

          Hymn or song


Reports that do not require action will be made available in print but not presented verbally.

  • COMMITTEE ON LAY LEADERSHIP – All nominations are to be included in the printed report. Additional nominations may be received for all elected positions. (VOTE)
  •  MEMBERSHIP AUDIT REPORT – In addition to the statistics, list names of persons received into membership of the church and names of persons removed since the last church conference, indicating how each was received or removed.
  1. Review “First Year” Inactive List (NO VOTE)
  2. Review “Second Year” Inactive List and Recommendation for Removal (VOTE)
  1. Recommendation of Candidates for the Ordained Ministry (BALLOT VOTE)
  2. Continuance of Candidates for the Ordained Ministry (VOTE)
  1. Recommendation of Pastoral Compensation for 2017 (VOTE)
  2. Lay Speaker(s) Recommendation/Continuance (VOTE)
  •  CELEBRATION OF MINISTRY (See the theme on the second page)

Celebrate your ministry in a creative way.  Tell the story.  Share ways in which your     congregation is reaching out             to children, youth, and young adults to bring them into the“kingdom of heaven.”

  • CLOSING COMMENTS and PRAYER Dr. Charles S. G. Boayue, Jr. District Superintendent


2016 Detroit Renaissance Charge Conference Schedule by date. Click Here

  • All signed originals need to be unbound, on white paper, and given to the DS at your church conference.

Pastor/Staff Parish Relations Committee (PPRC/SPRC)

Pastor and Other Committees


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