2017 Crossroads District Church Conference Forms

Crossroads District: DS Instructional Letter, CC Schedule, Agenda and Forms Checklist with due dates  (modified 9.11.2017*)

2017 Church Conference (CC) Forms

All signed originals need to be unbound, on white paper, and given to the DS at your church conference in a large envelope ATTN: District Office.  Also give Rev. Hice or assigned ELDER a bound set of all your church conference forms and reports booklet to use during your Missional Zoned Church Conference.   Early SPPRC Forms need to be Electronic copies and be EMAILED to crossroadsdistumc@gmail.com, two weeks prior to the SPPRC/PPRC meeting day for the DS to review in advance. Do NOT submit forms from other districts for your CC.   Refer to: 2017 Due Dates List ChurchConf Form 8.11.rev  for when forms are due

Pastor/Staff-Parish Relations Committee (PPRC/SPRC)

** Forms to be emailed to District Office 2 Weeks prior to your S/PPRC meeting with the District Superintendent.

Pastor and Other Committees

Worksheets and Additional Information 

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