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On May 6 the Michigan Conference informed us plans are in place to stop supporting the Detroit and West Michigan Archive Pages sometime later this summer.

We will be going back to the basics! The  Michigan Area Journal Committee will put the information on this page and West Michigan Journal 2013-2017 pages  on a CD or DVD.  You may request a free copy by contacting Rev. Ron Iris , 2774 W. Victory Dr., Ludington MI 49431-9534 or call 313-928-7484 or email him at – Thank you for your interest.

Welcome to the electronic archive of the Detroit Annual Conference Journals.
In 2017 and 2018 the Detroit Conference Journal will be available in Two Volumes on this site.

IMPORTANT! New Process for Getting Your 2017 and 2018 printed copy of the DAC Journal

​As part of the process of creating the Michigan Annual Conference, how the 2017 Detroit Annual Conference Journals will be distributed has changed. This will be true for congregations, individual persons, and DAC agencies and committees.

The following will need to ORDER and PAY for a Journal(s) online in order to receive a printed copy:
• local churches
• individual persons, including clergy wanting a personal copy
• conference committees, agencies, boards
• all lay persons.

Online orders may be placed using this link:

The exception is retired clergy and surviving spouses (of the year the clergy person is memorialized at annual conference). These persons will continue to receive one complimentary copy of the Detroit Conference Journal through the mail; no order will be necessary. Extras may be ordered online as desired.

The Journal Volume 2 will not contain the historical reports. This information is in the Journal Volume 1 and will only be available online below as a downloadable pdf.

The cost for the Journal(s) shall be covered by the individual, the agency, or the local church except for current retirees and surviving spouses of clergy memorialized in the year of that particular Journal.

If you are interested in the West Michigan Conference Journal Volume 2, please go to this site:


Journal Archive

In most cases these files are in .pdf format Version 6.0 and above. If you need a program for opening a .pdf file, please download a free reader for  computers, browsers, and mobile devices  at

2017 Journal Vol 1 _ All Pages
2017 Journal Vol 2 _ All Pages
Covers and Contacts 
Errata Page:  Missing information for Table 2 for 7 churches on the Saginaw Bay District.


Pgs 1-60 Leadership
Pgs 61-123 Annual Conference Proceedings and Business
Pgs 125-175 Appointments
NOTE:  Historical Reports are in Volume One above
Pgs 177-228 Audit, Financial Policies, 2017 Budget
Pgs 229-356 Resolutions, Dean of the Cabinet Report
Pgs 357-371 Memoirs Historical Record and Covenants
Pgs 372-536 Church and Pastoral Record
Pgs 537- 651 Statistics
Pgs 611-613  Missing information for Table 2 for 7 churches on the Saginaw Bay District.
Pgs 653-685 Standing Rules and Structure
Pgs 686-692 Index and Camps

EXTRA Resources:
Michigan Conference Rules of Order beginning July 1 2017
Michigan Conference Structure beginning July 1 2018
Michigan Conference New Districts beginning July 1 2018
Michigan Conference Financial Policies beginning January 1 2019


2016 Journal _ All Pages
Covers and Contacts


2015 Journal _ all pages
Covers and Contacts


2014 Journal
Cover and Contacts


2013  Journal – All Pages
Covers and Contacts

2011 Journal

2010 Journal

2009 Journal

2008 Journal


This page provided by the Detroit Conference Journal Committee under the direction of Rev. Ron Iris, the Committee Media Secretary. Copyright 2015.  If you have any corrections or suggestions please feel free to contact Rev. Iris.

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