Coming Soon! WMC Fall 2017 Church Conference Forms

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3 Things to Know:

  1. The forms are grouped by responsible entity.
  2. Please download and save the following forms for Church Conference, beginning with the all important Checklist of Church Conference forms and guidelines to keep track!
  3. The forms below are in word and excel formats. If  you need pdf formatted forms, please email Liz in the GR District Office Looking for the GR District Agenda for church conference? It’s HERE!

Checklist of Church Conference forms and guidelines


2017 Clergy Self-Evaluation
Housing Allowance Form
Furnishings Allowance Form
UMPIP Contribution Form with Roth
2018 Flex Enrollment Form auto flex
Pastor’s Annual ABC Check Up
Internal Control of Church Finances Checklist
Motions at Church Conference 2017
Recommendations-Church Conference Action 2017
Native American Comprehensive Plan Representative
Guidelines for Lay Leadership Positions
WMC Annual Report of Full and Preparatory Members Attending Colleges and Universities 2017
Pastor’s Year-End Annual Report 2017
Deacon Annual Report 2017
Extension Ministry Annual Report 2017

Advisory Form-Pastor


2017-SPRC-Clergy Evaluation Instructions
2017 SPRC Evaluation of Clergy
2017 SPRC-Clergy Joint Dialogue
2018 Pastoral Compensation Recommendation
2018 Healthcare Insurance Projected Billing Rates
2017 Congregation’s Profile
2017 Congregation’s Profile for Multi Points
Recommendations-Church Conference Action 2017
2018 CRSP-CPP Guidelines   (Revised per 2016 General Conference)
CRSP Overview from General Board of Pension and Benefits
Salary Amounts for 2018
Minimum Salary Support for 2018   (Years of Service 1-10)
Minimum Salary Support for 2018  (Years of Service 11-20)
Minimum Salary Support for 2018  (Years of Service 21-30)
Equitable Compensation Application

Advisory Form-SPRC

Church Council Chair

Recommendations-Church Conference Action 2017


GCFA Fund Balance Report (fillable pdf)
GCFA Frequently Asked Questions: Local Church Audit

List of Approved Auditors (excel format)
List of Approved Auditors (pdf format)

GCFA Forms Library

Statistician Website for Table 1, 2, 3 info:
Statistician Email:


GCFA Annual Report of the Trustees (fillable pdf)
GCFA Annual Accessibility Audit Form  (fillable pdf)
GCFA Insurance Worksheet   (fillable pdf)
Parsonage Inspection Form 2017

Membership Secretary

Membership Report 2017
Minutes Summary Church-Charge Conference (to be used with recorded minutes, not AS recorded minutes)

Missions Coordinator

Advance Report 2017
Domestic Hunger Report 2017
Volunteer in Mission Report 2017
World Hunger Report 2017

Lay Servant, Lay Speaker, Certified Lay Minister Annual Reports

Certified Lay Servant Annual Report (use this report if you have completed Basic and/or Advanced Lay Servant coursework)
Lay Speaker Annual Report (use this report if you have met with, and were approved by, your district Lay Servant Committee)
Certified Lay Minister Annual Report

Miscellaneous Guidelines

Guidelines on Clergy Pension and Life Insurance Benefits
Helpful Hints For Church Conference Forms
Nuts and Bolts of the Annual Charge Conference

Nominations and Leadership Development

Native American Comprehensive Plan Representative
Guidelines for Lay Leadership Positions
Nomination Suggestions for District-Conference Committees

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