Holy Conferencing Task Force

Dear Holy Conferencing Participant,

The Michigan Area Holy Conferencing Task Force was convened in the spring of 2014 by Bishop Kiesey in cooperation with the two Directors of Connectional Ministries.

The task force was asked to design a model(s) that local congregations or groups can use for healthy, safe dialogue around various issues.  The task force was encouraged to especially focus upon conversations that are currently underway in the United Methodist Church and our culture related to issues of human sexuality.

The task force agreed it:

  • Would not be a group that presented “public position statements.”
  • Would not try to create a master list of “resources to help inform conversations.”
  • Would create a tool/process/guideline for conversations/discernment/dialogue.

The following two page document outlines such a process. (Click Here to Read the Document)   Our prayer is that all who participate in this process will be attentive to the movement of the Holy Spirit in their midst as we seek God’s guidance and direction.


May the Peace of Christ Be with You,


The Michigan Area of the United Methodist Church Holy Conferencing Task Force

November, 2014

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