2017-2018 West MI Conf. New Pastor Handbook

Welcome to the New Pastor Handbook 2017-2018 Online Edition

The handbook has been created in useful sections. You may view or print any or all of the sections you may need.


A. Greetings

  1. The Episcopal Office
  2. Director of Connectional Ministries

B. West Michigan United Methodist Connection

  1. WMC District Boundaries and MI Map
  2. Conference Staff Contact Info
  3. Conference Agency Leadership Chairs
  4. District Superintendents
  5. Ministry Shares Philosophy and Formula
  6. 2017 Narrative Budget (Ministry Shares)
  7. Resource List

C. Board of Ordained Ministry

  1. WMC Board of Ordained Ministry Leadership Contacts
  2. Steps into Certification
  3. Certification in Specialized Areas of Ministry
  4. Enrollment Form for Professional Certification

D. Insights & Personal Life During Transition

  1. Introduction
  2. What to Do in your First Six Months
  3. Our Covenant, Common Disciplines and Self-Examination Questions
  4. Spiritual Formation Questions and Discussion Starters
  5. Reflections of the Change Process from Inside It
  6. Surviving Frustrations in the First Years of Ministry
  7. Developing an Intentional Ministry
  8. Congregational Trauma Caring, Coping & Learning
  9. A Model for Developing a Faith Challenged Congregation
  10. Characteristics of a Spiritually Based Leader
  11. Developing a Spiritual Cadre
  12. A Soul Inventory: The Inward Journey of Being a Leader
  13. Human Beatitudes
  14. Recommendations from the Cabinet & Staff

E. Where do I find the forms

  1. Where to Locate Annual Church-Charge Conference Materials
  2. List of Church Conference Forms and Guidelines
  3. Helpful Hints for Church Conference Forms
  4. Year-end Report Forms from Treasurer’s Office-Directions for Tables I, II & III
  5. Year End Statistics Guides
  6. Nuts and Bolts of the Annual Charge Conference

F. Conference Database Info – Church Dashboard

  1. Database Information – Ezra

G. Pension, Health & Tax Planning Resources

  1. Pension & Health Care Plans – Information for pastors in first appointment
  2. Flexible Spending Accounts Health and Dependent Care
    2. a. Flexible Spending Account Election Form
  3. Pension Plan & Life Ins Benefits Guidelines
  4. Pension Plan Enrollment Form
  5. UMPIP-at-a-Glance
  6. CRSP-at-a-Glance
  7. Clarifying Commuting
  8. Clergy Tax Primer
  9. Clergy Tax Packet

H. Policies and guidelines

  1. Intro to Policies and Guidelines
  2. Continuing Education & Renewal Leave
  3. Counseling Funds Policy
  4. Document on Racial Inclusiveness
  5. Moving Expense Code
  6. Clergy Sexual Ethics Policy
  7. Vacation Policy
  8. Church Records Management Guidelines
  9. Managing Electronic Church Records

I. Local Church Leadership

  1. Committee on Nominations & Leadership Development
  2. Guidelines for Lay Leadership Positions
  3. Clergy Effectiveness
  4. Vital Congregations in the WMC of The UMC
  5. Guidelines to Pre-funeral Meeting with Family
  6. Register for MissionInsite

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